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( Dec. 23rd, 2016 08:28 pm)
where was I
koso koso sneaking around
why does she always whine
and I am fine
two flavours
of oldschool popsicles
feel I gotta say 'cause
inside she's hideous
there's all of the doubt
no wonder
and then the older
in form and loud
how can I do it without her
but she always follows
confirms, enables the noise
getting so hurt
that I've entered this world
moving on
asking what do I hold
questioning bonds I wanned to dive in
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( Dec. 23rd, 2016 04:22 pm)
I just remembered that my one goal is learning japanese.
Why, I wonder?

I likely had a reason. Maybe I had different reasons through the history. But I have no idea... -_- Well???
It seems that recently I stopped being who I am. A rapper. Would you believe it? And the event made me say something along the lines "..Then I'll go to Osaka!"; probably, I was a whimsical person. I have no ide what was my true goal. But I wouldn't be even surprised if it was something ridiculously tangled ..and simple such as wanting to be there for a while to learn japanese. Or something.

Well, in any case, that must have been the reason why I then wanted to do language exchange, right? But my walking ability and czech ability, or I don't know, kept me in my room. I can vaguely see the images of kanji and kana. Whatever I was doing and wherever (however), at the cruical point I just felt ...motivated, or something. When there was nothing, there was certainly japanese.

I'm actually maybe doing it because of the three mooks in the corner of my Prague room. So that I can (despite being somehow perfectionist, which I have already realised) sub some toku for my siblings and maman, other relevant people that don't speak english...
Aah. Idk
meaningfully 'idk'; oh dear...


On an entirely unrelated note, I've been thinking I could maybe try to make a tiny visual novel project or so. (A loong time ago, time that I to be honest don't know, I was all about a certain type of game dev and did all the parts of it actually and even liked to play some videogames it seems. But, err, things happened. And a lot of things became things I cannot do at all. - I am now so... muddled? ..That I literally don't remember anything about the fears and other strange things so: I could probably write an interactive story. Think about it from game design viewpoint. Though unfortunately I kinda feel scripts are still impossible. But you know, I want to create something, ne?? ... Tired of existing with process and no result. Probably.)
I'm thinking about it... Sounds fun, though. ;]


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