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Ok. I'm confused.
I speak softly (way too much), or intensely, with stalling and stutter or like an intellectual or cheaply... My very personality is confused. (Is what it is; I think.)
I seem to like numbers and machines and words. But do not let it confuse you... What I think is and isn't cute upon an encounter and what I remotely understand are, well, completely different things.
Since my whole family (about eight people, talking about that one cell) is currentrly experiencing a severe, chronic case of pottermanism, I decided to come back too. - Because I am different, it means reading the first four volumes again at a ..very personal speed. And rediscovering the witchcraft and storytelling of my childhood and affection for rough sports as well. (...By the time I finally grew out of my magical, childhood period, Muggle Quidditch was concieved and made me a giant Muggle & book Quidditch geek, believe me. XD) Anyway, I want to have something in common with them.
Something more than "owns a lot of books", please.
Other than that, I-... Ok, I'm not sure.
I've been thinking about it though. I want to meet people, eat, rapidly push buttons on my phone (that I need to buy), pass boredom by watching things, wear dainty Gunne Sax dresses, get glasses I can see with, keep the music I make, make use of my undecipherable pretty handwriting somehow - and go te bed early!
Right now I'm at my family's home, so that's all I know. I mean, I just got started on the Potter thing!
oh, and, maybe I draw really nice hard to say...

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